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['tactus] 2017 : closing

The seventh edition of ['tactus], Young Composers Forum, which took place September 25th to 29th in Flagey and at Arsonic in Mons (Belgium) in the presence of composers Jean-Paul Dessy, Kimmo Hakola, Ann Mc Kay, Frank Madlener and Claude Ledoux, is pleased to announce that the work by German composer Torsten Herrmann has been selected to be programmed by the Brussels Philharmonic. 


['tactus] 2017 : next forum starts on 25 September 2017

Come and listen to the orchestra rehearsals at Studio 4 Flagey in Brussels from 25 to 27 September and to the chamber music rehearsals at Arsonic in Mons from 27 to 29 September.

The 2017 participants :

Orchestra - Brussels - 25-27 September
Glen Downie
Cameron Michael Graham
Torsten Herrmann
Simon Söfelde

Chamber Music - Mons - 27-29 September
Alessandro Anatrini
Caterina Di Cecca
Glen Downie
Michael Taplin
Erika Vega

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writing for orchestra

The seventh edition of the Young Composers' Forum - September 2017

The seventh edition of ['tactus], Young Composers' Forum, will take place in Brussels and Mons, Belgium, from September 25th to 29th, 2017 under the presence of maestri Ann McKay, Jean-Paul Dessy, Kimmo Hakola, Claude Ledoux, and others to be confirmed.

The event will take place in Brussels, Belgium from September 25th to 27th (orchestral session with the Brussels Philharmonic) and in Mons, Belgium from September 27th to 29th (chamber music session with Musiques Nouvelles).

Applications can be submitted exclusively online via the Ulysses platform from December 12th, 2016.

Deadline for submission: June 1st 2017

Applications accepted exclusively online via the Ulysses platform:




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